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The Warsaw Voice » Other » October 22, 2008
Privatization in Poland
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Departments of the Ministry of the Treasury dealing with privatization
October 22, 2008   
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Departments of the Ministry of the Treasury dealing with privatization

1. Department of Ownership Supervision and Privatization I
22/695-87-92, 22/629-80-97
Industry: coking industry; Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa SA coal company (within the scope of privatization); gas industry (mining, distribution, trade); oil industry; petrochemical industry; heavy chemical industry; chemical and plastics industry; mining and mineral /ore extraction industry; Centrum Bankowo-Finansowe SA; transport; transport industry; media
2. Department of Ownership Supervision and Privatization II
22/695-87-04, 22/629-54-04
Industry: metallurgy; metal industry; engineering industry; shipbuilding industry; KGHM SA copper company; Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu SA (Industrial Development Agency); air transport and aviation; construction; Mennica Polska SA (the State Mint); Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Warto¶ciowych SA high-security printing works; Chemia Polska Sp. z o.o. chemical company; Międzynarodowa Korporacja Gwarancyjna Sp. z o.o. international guarantee corporation
3. Department of Ownership Supervision and Privatization III
22/695-87-22, 22/628-57-09
Industry: energy sector; electronic industry; electro-technical industry; mining; shipping and ports; pharmaceutical and medicine distribution industry; sector of ceramic and construction materials; foreign trade enterprises and centers, with the exception of companies Chemia Polska Sp. z o.o. and Międzynarodowa Korporacja Gwarancyjna Sp. z o.o.; trade and other enterprises
4. Department of Ownership Supervision and Privatization IV
22/695-87-10, 22/695-87-09
Industry: animal breeding and plant growing; health resorts; sugar industry; farming and agricultural support enterprises; spirits industry; food processing industry; meat processing industry; wood and paper industry; furniture industry; clothing industry; clothing materials industry; leather industry
5. Department of Ownership Supervision and Privatization V
22/695-81-75, 22/628-76-37
Industry: defense industry; entrepreneurial agencies; Polska Agencja Informacji i Inwestycji Zagranicznych SA (Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency); telecommunications; publishing and printing; RUCH SA press distribution company; tourist enterprises; service enterprises and units
6. Department of Financial Institutions
22/695-87-52, 22/695-87-01
Industry: National Investment Funds and companies participating in the program; banking, financial and capital market institutions; insurance entities; foundations; games of chance and betting; horseracing
7. Department of Companies in Bankruptcy, Liquidation and Minority Stakes
22/695-87-72, 22/628-32-99
Industry: The department performs and supervises privatization tasks in companies in which the Treasury shareholding does not exceed 10%, with the exception of entities defined in a separate ordinance of the Minister, National Investment Funds (NIF) and companies participating in the NIF Program, banking sector companies, financial and capital market institutions and insurance companies
8. Department of Privatization Projects
22/695-87-05, 22/695-88-18
Industry: The department performs privatization tasks with regard to entities indicated by the Minister on a separate basis

Organizational units of the Ministry of the Treasury providing information concerning privatization

1. Department of European Integration, Foreign Relations and State Aid
/+48 22/695-87-85, /+48 22/628-11-90
2. Public Relations Office
22/695-87-97, 22/628-25-81

Regional Offices of the Ministry of the Treasury

1. Office: Białystok, podlaskie province
85/732-79-81, 749-69-00, 85/732-23-87
Delegatura. Bialystok@msp.gov.pl
ul. Branickiego 17A, 15-085 Białystok
2. Office: Ciechanów, mazowieckie province
23/672-23-93, 672-24-63, 23/672-24-63
Delegatura. Ciechanow@msp.gov.pl
ul. 17 Stycznia 7, 06-400 Ciechanów
3. Office: Gdańsk, pomorskie and warmińsko-mazurskie provinces
58/301-33-06, 301-29-72, 301-60-35
Delegatura. Gdansk@msp.gov.pl
ul. Dyrekcyjna 6, 80-852 Gdańsk
4. Katowice, ¶l±skie province
32/255-26-01, 255-26-17, 255-30-65 ext. 324
Delegatura. Katowice@msp.gov.pl
ul. Powstańców 34, 40-038 Katowice
5. Kielce, ¶więtokrzyskie province
41/34-452-87, 34-212-95, 34-217-63,
Delegatura. Kielce@msp.gov.pl
ul. IX Wieków Kielc 3, 25-955 Kielce
6. Kraków, małopolskie province
12/412-07-26, 619-74-59, 12/421-00-15
Delegatura. Krakow@msp.gov.pl
ul. Lubicz 25, 31-503 Kraków
7. Lublin, lubelskie province
81/53-23-424, 742-45-21,
740-45-27, 740-22-72
Delegatura. Lublin@msp.gov.pl
ul. Lubomelska 1-3, 20-072 Lublin
8. ŁódĽ, łódzkie province
42/631-02-75, 631-02-88, 633-98-90,
Delegatura. Lodz@msp.gov.pl
ul. Rewolucji 1905 r. No. 49, 90-215 ŁódĽ
9. Poznań, wielkopolskie and lubuskie provinces
61/865-40-23, 865-44-41, 865-44-42
Delegatura. Poznan@msp.gov.pl
ul. Głogowska 26, 60-743 Poznań
10. Rzeszów, podkarpackie province
17/862-73-84, 862-75-11 ext. 1533, 1532, 1535, 1536, 17/862-71-99
Delegatura. Rzeszow@msp.gov.pl
ul. Grunwaldzka 15, 35-959 Rzeszów
11. Szczecin, zachodniopomorskie province
91/46-23-923, 46-23-924, 46-23-925 91/46-23-924
Delegatura. Szczecin@msp.gov.pl
ul. Bytomska 9, 70-603 Szczecin
12. Toruń, kujawsko-pomorskie province
56/62-247-86, 62-213-52, 56/62-229-36
ul. Szosa Chełmińska 30/32, 87-100 Toruń
13. Wrocław, dolno¶l±skie and opolskie provinces
71/335-03-11, 71/335-03-13
ul. Powstańców ¦l. 28/30, 52-333 Wrocław

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