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The Warsaw Voice » Society » June 3, 2009
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Sky's the Limit
June 3, 2009   
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This June in Poland is marked by air shows. First, the popular Air Picnic will take place in Góraszka 10 kilometers from Warsaw and then parachuting fans will see some spectacular action during the Euro Big Way Camp 2009 skydiving contest in Ostrów Wielkopolski, 90 km from Wrocław in western Poland.

Those passionate about aviation and who do not want to be just spectators can sign up for courses by flying schools and clubs. In Warsaw and other major Polish cities, you can take classes preparing you for the qualifications and licenses needed to fly gliders, light commercial aircraft, paragliders and balloons. You can also learn how to parachute.

Skydive.pl-the biggest Polish skydiving school
AFF-Accelerated Freefall-is the fastest, most effective and safest way to learn freefall. Students receive theoretical and practical tuition preparing them to make unassisted parachute jumps from 4,000 meters.

The length of training depends on the student's progress. It usually includes 7-10 jumps spread over two weekends or one longer session.

Instruction is in English and German. Candidates should submit medical examination certificates.

Cost of AFF training: zl.4,200*
- theory
- practice-7 jumps
- video material from the course
- obligatory civil liability insurance
- full equipment including a folded parachute ready for jumping
(*) Total cost of training depends on the number of jumps. In case of failure to pass a test at a certain level, the student has to repeat a jump and pay accordingly.

The course ends with an examination. After passing, the skydiver jumps unassisted. Ticket cost: zl.80. Instructors supervise the jumper for the first 50 jumps. After making 50 jumps, the student may apply to the Civil Aviation Office for a Qualification Certificate.

Contact: tel. +48 0 500 002 779
Warsaw Aviation Club, Skydiving Section

Cost of basic training
- AFF training-zl.300 (theory)
- first two jumps-zl.700 per jump
- next jumps, until completion of AFF training-zl.500 per jump
- each individual jump-zl.120 (zl.80 jump + zl.40 renting a folded parachute)
- AFF course-around zl.4,200 (theory + 6-7 instructor-assisted jumps)

1 Księżycowa St.
01-934 Warszawa
tel. 22 864-66-14

Warsaw Aviation Club, Glider Section
1. Theory training
- Gliding theory, up to 3rd class-60 hours of instruction, price: zl.600
- Gliding instructor theory-125 hours of instruction, price: zl.1,200

2. Basic Gliding Training
Minimum of 42 flights with instructor and minimum of 10 unassisted flights-around 3 weeks, price: zl.3,000, zl.2,500 for students under 25

Theory training
The training starts with a course in theory held at the Warsaw Aviation Club facilities at Babice airfield or at the Warsaw University of Technology. It includes 60 hours of instruction plus final examinations and lasts from a month and a half (weekend sessions) to over 2 months (afternoon sessions).

Practical training
After passing the theory examinations the student may start practical training. The Warsaw Aviation Club holds up to four such training sessions per season. The training lasts 1-2 months and teaches the basic flying skills. The student makes around 50 flights with an instructor, with a winch launch. Toward the end of the first stage, the student makes 10 unassisted flights. Students fly Bocian or Puchacz gliders.

Further stages of practical training
Instruction in flying a different type of glider, improvement of landing technique, using thermals, which enable the glider to fly for up to several hours and over a distance up to 750 km. Basic acrobatics training.

After 35 hours of flying the student may take official examinations administered by the Aviation Examination Commission and obtain a glider pilot license PL(G) that will allow them to further polish their flying skills.
More information:

Warsaw Aviation Club, airplane section
Training for recreational airplane pilot license PPL(A)
Theory training: zl.1,190
Requirements for candidates:
- age 17 or over (candidates under 18 should submit parental or guardian's consent in writing)
- minimum education of junior high school level
- a valid aviation health certificate

Training for ultralight airplane pilot qualification certificate
A qualification certificate is different from a license and carries certain limitations. It entitles the holder to fly ultralight airplanes within Polish territory and to fly passengers free of charge.

The training is relatively inexpensive compared with an airplane pilot license, which is a big plus. Theory training includes 48 hours of lectures and costs zl.600. Practical training includes 28 hours of flying at the cost of around zl.9,000. Eurofox ultralight airplanes are used in practical training.
Training for professional airplane pilot license CPL(A)
Theory training-zl.1,800. Practical training-36 hours of flying.

Candidate requirements:
- Tourist airplane pilot license PPL(A)
- 150 hours of flying completed
- Age over 18 and at least secondary education
- Passing an internal qualifying examination at the Warsaw Aviation Club
Additional information:
tel. 022 834 93 35
e-mail: ht@aeroklub.waw.pl
Airplane types used at the Warsaw Aviation Club
Wilga, Jak 12, Gawron , PA-28,
Cessna-172 , Cessna-150 and 152
AT-3, Piper Cub, EuroFox, An-2

Best paragliding schools in Poland
Paralotnie Nauka Latania
1st class instructor Kamil Antkowiak
72a Kamienna St., 84-230 Rumia
tel. (0-58) 671-32-84

Student requirements:
- age over 15; students under 18 should submit parental or guardian's written consent
- minimum primary education
- a written statement confirming the student is in good health and fit for flying a paraglider

Training program
Training for qualification certificate:
- Stage 1-Preliminary introductory flights
- Stage 2-Pilot technique training
- Examination
- Stage 3-Sail and Thermal (not obligatory)

Training for additional qualifications listed on the qualification certificate:
- Flying with a passenger (CP)
- Flying a powered paraglider (PPG)
- Flying a motor-propelled paraglider (PPPG)

Training price list
Basic Stage 1-zl.700
Stage 2-zl.700
Stage 3-zl.800
Flying a powered paraglider PPG-zl.800
Flying with a passenger CP-zl.1,000
Winch tow operator training-zl.300
Winch launch officer training-zl.300

Szkoła Latania
1st class instructor Arkadiusz Pomarański
11/4 Rydygiera St.
50-248 Wrocław
Stage 1, or basic training, includes 4-6 days of flying. After Stage 2 and Stage 3 the student passes an examination for the Qualification Certificate. The training program is approved by the Civil Aviation Office.

Upon completing the training, students obtain a certificate of completion of Stage 1 and tow flight (H) qualifications.

Prices include:
Safety training-zl.1,000
Flying powered paragliders - zl.750
Flying powered paragliders (equipment provided by the school)-zl.2,000
Tow flight supervision-zl.300
Launch officer training-zl.300
Winch tow operator training-zl.700
Tandem pilot training (CP)-zl.1,500

Cracow Aviation Club, Balloon Section
Independent balloon pilot training
Candidate requirements:
- Age over 16
- Minimum junior high school education
- Health certificate class 2
- Parental or guardian's written consent for candidates under 18

Theoretical training
50 hours of lectures, price: zl.500

Practical training
19 flights including 3 unassisted flights in a heated air balloon, type TOMI Ax-8

The price depends on the number of students
1 student-zl.7,000
2 students-zl.4,000 per person
3 students-zl.3,000 per person

Pobiednik Wielki Airfield
Tel. (12) 287 36 63

Tourist balloon flights
For 1-2 persons, zl.1,818 per flight (weekdays), zl.1,952 per flight (weekends and holidays)

For 5-6 people (6-man balloon), zl.2,562 per flights (weekdays), zl.2,806 per flight (weekends and holidays)

A tourist balloon flight lasts an average of 1 hour (+/- 15 min). Flights over the Silesian conurbation, Podbeskidzie area, Tarnowskie Góry and Pyskowice, or over Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska upland.

Flights immediately after dawn or before sunset.

More information:
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