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The Warsaw Voice » Culture » April 30, 2018
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April 30, 2018   
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Hotel-gallery in the Old Factory

It is a treat for art, design and antique interiors lovers. The Izrael Poznański spinning mill was located here in the 19th century. The building was empty for many years, but in 2009 it turned into a 4-star hotel-gallery. Old machines, graffiti on the walls or artistic photos in the corridors are just a part of the aesthetic impressions provided by the Vienna House Andels Lodz. You can find here over 200 works by contemporary Polish artists including the installation "Łyżwiarze" by Dominik Lejman, photos of Rafał Milach or the works of Magda Hueckel, the author of the Oscar-nominated documentary "Nasza klŕtwa". Some of them are located in the apartments, so to see them, you have to stay in the hotel. Andels Lodz organizes also temporary exhibitions - this year's calendar will soon be published on www.andelsart.com.

National Geographic has placed Vienna House Andels Lodz on the list of the 15 most unusual hotels in the world. The experts of the Gault & Millou guide appreciated the hotel restaurant Delight and rewarded it with two toques twice.

A Choreographic Exhibition

”Free Gestures” at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre of Contemporary Art, is a choreographic exhibition, activated by a group of dancers for five hours each day. The starting point is the question of how ideologies become incorporated into our bodies and language. Here, it is not the performers’ bodies or objects that are the works of art, but rather the performed texts, gestures, and movement.

The first solo exhibition of Ula Sickle, a Canadian artist of Polish origin, confronts the problem of the loss of individual and collective ability to act effectively in today's world.

Sickle comes from a choreographic background.She creates performances and installations as well as works at the interface of disciplines, in which she probes pop culture as a global phenomenon. She frequently ventures beyond the canon of contemporary dance, introducing elements of street dance, club culture or mass concerts. She works closely with DJs and the hip-hop scene in the Congo.

In the exhibition ”Free Gestures”,Sickle takes on board capitalism at the intimate level of our bodies and language.

”Free Gestures”, is an encounter of choreography, literature, and the exhibition format. The artist has combined the voices of five writers from different corners of the world: Natalia Fiedorczuk-Cieślak (Poland), Amandeep Sandhu (India), Jacob Wren (Canada), Mi You (China), and Anna Zett (Germany) have been invited to contribute their own views by writing a short piece for the performers. Through their subjective narrative, the literary texts demonstrate how contemporary ideologies percolate into everyday life through new media or visual culture.

Lady of the Camellias Meets Frederic Chopin

The Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa in Warsaw will stage the ballet ”The Lady of the Camellias” based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas jr., set to the moving music of Frederic Chopin.

The story of the Parisian courtesan Marguerite Gautier and Armand Duval is told by John Neumeier, one of the greatest choreographers of our time.

When Neumeier first came up with the idea to turn Dumas’s novel into a ballet performance, he initially thought of using the operatic music of Giuseppe Verdi or compositions of Henry Sauguet.

Finally, taking advice from a conductor, Gerhard Markson, he used Frederic Chopin's compositions as he decided they best reflect the character of the story, its subtlety and tragedy at the same time.

The plot is delivered over three interminable acts in a series of flashbacks, a retrospective of events "told" by the memories of Armand, who confides in his father after the death of his beloved, and through the notes in Marguerite’s diary.

The choreographer also uses the Chinese box narrative structure – the protagonists meet in the opera during a performance of ”Manon Lescaut’, which enriches the visual aspect of the performance.

”The Lady of the Camellias” will premiere in Warsaw on April 20.

"Treasures of Peru" at the Ethnographic Museum

Unearthing of the Mausoleum at El Castillo de Huarmey on the northern coast of Peru is one of the ten most important discoveries of 2013 according to the American magazine "Archeology”.

After many years of work, two Polish archaeologists - Miłosz Giersz and Patrycja Przŕdka-Giersz, in collaboration with Peruvian researchers, discovered an intact burial chamber of the royal tomb of the Pre-Inca Wari culture. The results of their work can be seen, for the first time in Europe, at the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw.

The study of the history of Wari is extremely important for understanding the origins of the Inca empire. However, knowledge of the Pre-Inca civilization has been quite limited until now.

All the known remains of mausoleums belonging to the then elites have been plundered or significantly destroyed over time. Polish archaeologists were the first to discover and study the intact and complete royal tomb of Wari.

The exhibition presents a total of about 150 objects from the National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History of Peru in Lima, including treasures discovered by a Polish-Peruvian team at Castillo de Huarmey. Among them are richly decorated jewelry, fabrics that are a symbol of power and abundance, and ceramics - several dozen dishes, from different regions, thousands of kilometers apart.

There are also items made of exotic materials, such as obsidian imported from the Peruvian highlands or holy mullu shells from the warm seas of Ecuador.

Until May 31, 2018

Artistic homage to Polish pianist and statesman

The National Museum in Warsaw is marking the centenary of Poland’s independence, celebrated this year, with a presentation of a collection received from Ignacy Jan Paderewski, a pianist, composer and ambassador of Polish independence.

The exhibition shows not only the achievements of an eminent virtuoso and politician, but also the lesser-known face of a man devoted to his family and a friend of artists. It is first such a comprehensive presentation of the gift donated by Paderewski to the National Museum in Warsaw.

Paintings, drawings, photographs and other items in the collection reveal the incredible commitment of the musician and statesman to the promotion of the Polish independence case all over the world and his later political career, as the prime minister of the reborn Republic of Poland. This is also an occasion to remember Paderewski as a collector of precious works of art, which were kept in his beloved house in Riond-Bosson by Lake Geneva, and then donated to the Polish nation.

The first part of the exhibition is dedicated to the artist's musical world. Among the exhibits is the master’s grand piano, manufactured for him by Steinway & Sons.

The second part of the exhibition shows gifts given to Paderewski by his friends and admirers. Among them is a picture of Queen Victoria with her signature, a triptych ”Music” by Jacek Malczewski, a portfolio of engravings by Leon Wyczółkowski with a dedication as well as numerous works by other prominent artists of those times like Edward Okunia, Jan Zamoyski and Wojciech Kossak.

The exhibition at Warsaw’s National Museum also showcases a truly outstanding collection of far eastern art, consisting of Chinese porcelain, enamelware, glass and lacquerware gathered by Paderewski and his wife at their Swiss villa.
The exhibition can be viewed till May 20, 2018

Rumour has it

The exhibition at Warsaw’s Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art entitled ”Rumour” brings together recent and earlier works by Assaf Gruber, a Jerusalem-born artist who lives in Berlin.

Gruber makes films and sculptures that deal with the interplay between the ideologies of individuals and their personal biographies, and the way in which these shape and influence private and public spheres.

His films present stories of people whose life was affected by migrations and the ideological violence of the state and how they cope with crises, seek a new sense of life and ask questions about their identity.

In one of the films, an elderly German woman, who had to flee from the Polish town of Lodz in 1948, creates a plan to return to her hometown as she wants to explore the avant-garde art of the local artistic group.

Another image shows a son of an Evangelical pastor, who was refused to study at the art academy in East Berlin under Soviet occupation, „as an ideologically uncertain element”. Artistic work was to remain his unsatisfied desire.

Using black humour, but with an affectionate touch, both towards his protagonists, Gruber’s artworks enact a fluctuating focus on crucial choices made by individuals, their daily lives, and their realities affected by global politics.

The moving images are complemented by photographs and sculptures which accentuate tensions and interdependencies among Western culture, religion and nature.

All the narratives in the exhibition are fictional and the primary question is not whether the stories are based on fact or fabrication. They are rather concerned with the possibility that a rumour itself might be authentic, as it is this peculiarity that ignites a dialogue with the audience.
The exhibition is open until May 13, 2018

Romeo and Juliet Ballet in Wrocław Opera

Romeo and Juliet is one of the best known and most moving love stories in the world. It has inspired directors, painters, composers and choreographers of various periods, says ballet historian Joanna Sibilska. Premiere of Prokofiev’s ballet Romeo and Juliet took place in the Wrocław Opera, March 2nd. The director of the performance is Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski.

A tragical story between two lovers is decorated with very colourful and vivid music that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Dancers taking part jointly claim that everyone has their own experiences, because everyone was once sixteen, seventeen and fell in love for the first time, so this feeling is not strange to them.

Juliet’s role is performed by young ballet dancer Natsuki Katayama and it’s her first big gig. She is happy to be performing in front of Wrocław’s crowd and says that the beautiful music helps her express Juliet’s various emotions.

The music in Romeo and Juliet is romantic with classical elements. Ballet through universality in its form and means of communication is dedicated to the viewers of all ages.

This piece opens a diptych because in the end of March Wrocław Opera will be premiering I Capuleti e i Montecchi by Vincenzo Bellini.

Illusions at Collegium Nobilium Theater

Students of the Theater Academy in Warsaw are staging their diploma play “Iluzje” (Illusions) directed by Wojciech Urbański.

The play, written by an acclaimed Russian playwright and director Ivan Vyrypayev, is composed of four tales of love, each told from a different perspective. They are looking to answer the question whether a happy relationship can be built if partners hide their deepest desires.

llusions, classified by the author as a comedy, is a story of two married couples, who at the end of their lives feel the need to talk about their mutual feelings and relations. What was real and what was just an illusion? Their stories are full of humor, tenderness and passion.

The play poses questions about the deepest meaning of human existence, about what we are heading for and what we will leave behind. It makes us realize how fragile is everything we try to hold on to.

Vyrypayev wrote Illusions for four 30-35 year-old actors who play characters in their eighties. In the perormance staged by the students of the Theater Academy in Warsaw there are eleven aspiring actors in their twenties. It is worth seeing what results from this ”experiment”?

Tailor Thread Sets out on a Musical Journey

The Warsaw Lalka Theater is staging an extraordinary musical performance that will equally please the younger and the older viewers. ”Thread the Tailor” is a theatrical adaptation of the famous tale written by Kornel Makuszyński and directed by Jaroslaw Kilian, the Lalka’s director.

The action of this puppet show stretches from the tailor's workshop to the sky. The path followed by the protagonist is full of adventures and dangers. In this puppet performance, friendship will be tested more than once and hearts will skip a beat out of fear or love.

"The poetic story of a tailor from the town of Tajdarajda belongs to the classics of the Polish fairy tale. It is not only a story about a clever craftsman who bravely faces adversities, it is primarily a story of a journey, " Kilian says.

One day Tailor Thread is told by a Gypsy Woman that he will become a king. He therefore sets out on a journey to meet his destiny. On the way he meets the Scarecrow and they decide to travel together. In the end they come to a city where it always rains. The Princess promises her hand and kingdom to the person who could prevent the disaster. Tailor Thread sees that the rain keep falling because the needle of a tall castle tower had torn a hole in a huge rain cloud and kept it over the city. He orders all the ladders to be brought there, takes a needle and thread, climbs the ladders and sews the hole in the cloud. At last, the sun comes out over the city and as his reward Tailor Thread marries the Princess and becomes King.

The performance is full of songs with Kilian’s lyrics to the music written by Grzegorz Turnau, one of the most popular contemporary Polish composers.

Bobby McFerrin Comes to Warsaw

Bobby McFerrin, a legendary vocalist, called one of the wonders of the music of world, will perform in Warsaw on May 13 as part of a European concert tour.

McFerrin, who has a four-octave vocal range, is the winner of ten Grammy awards and an author of one of the most well known songs of the late 20th century - "Don't Worry, Be Happy".

In Warsaw, the artist will present a special project „Circlesongs” taking the stage alongside two members of his groundbreaking a cappella group Voicestra: tenor/vocal percussionist David Worm and bass Joey Blake.

The three masters will together lead Circlesongs, choral pieces based on irresistible grooves, spontaneously composed each night and sung by a 12-voice ensemble of local singers, and sometimes by the whole crowd.

"I want to bring audiences into the incredible feeling of freedom that I get when I sing," McFerrin said. “I want everyone to leave the theater and sing in their own kitchens the next morning."

A cappella singers, beatboxers, and vocalists of all genres claim McFerrin as an inspiration. The jazz and classical worlds celebrate his innovative technique and spirit. McFerrin's exhilarating vocal vocabulary -- call and response, global rhythms, soaring melodies, lush harmonies, funny noises, invented language, silence, prayers, and laughter – remind the audiences how much fun it is to make a joyful noise.

Bobby McFerrin has sold 20 million records, and his work with artists such as Yo-Yo Ma, Chick Corea, the Vienna Philharmonic and Herbie Hancock have made him into a true ambassador of classical music and jazz.
Bobby McFerrin 'Circlesongs'
May 13, 2018, 7:00 pm
Arena Ursynów, 122 Pileckiego St,. Warsaw
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