The Warsaw Voice » Destination Warsaw » Monthly - June 3, 2014
Destination Warsaw
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Warming to Warsaw
Emre Pehlivan, an aviation engineer from Turkey, chats to Jolanta Wolska.

What brings you to Warsaw?
I came to do business, but that fell through so I’m taking the opportunity to do some sightseeing.

What do you like about Warsaw?
I love the large pavements and big wide roads, which is a pleasant change from the narrow streets in Istanbul. But I must say the traffic here is also terrible.

I find the modern buildings very interesting. Back home, the modernization process is quite ugly. Here the old and the new blend together and the combination looks good. Renovations seem to be of high quality. I’m delighted to see that your city plan involves large open spaces and parks. That is not very common in historical European cities.

And what about Polish people?
Poles are very helpful, even those who do not speak English. Polish people are warm. The Polish engineers I came across are very professional and have a lot of expertise. And they are warmer and friendlier than their U.S. counterparts.

Do you like Polish food?
You will think me strange, but I really like the Polish-style burger houses here. I also like cheese and spinach pierogi. I love the potato pancakes with mushroom sauce. Poland has really delicious desserts—I especially like Polish apple cake.

As a tourist in Warsaw, which museums or monuments did you find interesting?
I was very moved to see the Warsaw Uprising Monument; its emotional significance had an even deeper impact on me than the sculpture itself. I was also impressed with the architectural solution used for the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.