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Show Us Some Proof
Cezary Ka¼mierczak By Cezary Ka¼mierczak   
An old business saying goes, "We believe in God's words; anyone else is asked to present proof..."

Prime Minister Donald Tusk failed to present any proof when, in a recent statement, he offered vague enunciations about a conspiracy involving gas or coal barons, or the Russians, apparently asking the public to take him at his word that this is what lies behind the eavesdropping scandal that has shaken the government.

This shows that the prime minister has a very high opinion of himself. To think that anyone outside Tusk's devoted fan club will believe anything he says, after so many painful experiences, is either treating people as idiots or clear evidence that the prime minister is infinitely in love with himself.

I don't know where the truth lies, but I won't believe a single word of Tusk's until he shows us some evidence.

Having said that, he does have unquestionable political talent. He's managing to some extent to present the whole matter as a conspiracy against the state (offering no proof!) and to shift the attention of the public away from what is on those tapes. A part of the public is obviously buying that.

Motioning for a vote of confidence from parliament was a smart move. At least it's clear now that Tusk still has a mandate to govern, though, in my view, the very fact that someone could record conversations between top officials for a year, obtaining 900 minutes of recorded material (regardless of who did the eavesdropping and what's on the tapes) is absolutely reason enough for the prime minister to resign.

But even though Tusk won the vote of confidence, his Civic Platform (PO) party is in trouble. If elections were held today the PO could count on 20-25 percent of the vote. What will happen when those 900 hours of recordings, if they really exist, are found to contain more "gems" that will see the light of day? In such a case, a constitutional majority for the opposition Law and Justice (PiS) could become quite realistic.

Perhaps the prime minister is counting on his personal charm and that he can manage to turn things around by the time voters go to the polls next year. However, I think these hopes are just a pipe dream.