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Poland Under Threat
Cezary Ka¼mierczak By Cezary Ka¼mierczak   
According to press reports, Prime Minister Donald Tusk told a closed meeting of top Civic Platform (PO) officials the eavesdropping scandal that has shaken his government "has a much greater reach than any of you think" and that "there are not tens but hundreds of tapes."

Leaving aside the embarrassing problem that for over a year someone recorded the highest-ranking people in the country, it’s worth publicly asking a few questions. Regardless of whether it was restaurant waiters or aliens who carried out the eavesdropping, could a foreign country have come into possession of the recorded conversations? Unfortunately yes, and unfortunately it probably did - and more than one. We can be 99 percent sure of this, and that makes it a very real threat to the Polish state, because it enables others to resort to blackmail and empowers them to force the Polish authorities to make various decisions - political decisions to some extent, but primarily economic decisions.

In such a situation, Tusk - I’m assuming he knows who’s been recorded - should have done one of two things:
1) Instantly dismissed those people whose conversations were recorded and revoked any certificates giving them access to sensitive information;
2) Made the recordings public so they couldn’t become tools of blackmail.
However, the prime minister chose otherwise, placing his own interests and that of his increasingly compromised party over the interests of the state. I’ll be neither surprised nor outraged if this behavior lands him before the State Tribunal. And this is probably the first time I just can’t bring myself to say that Tusk is a just patriot who has made a mistake.