The Warsaw Voice » National Voice » Monthly - December 30, 2016
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Doing Business the Finnish Way
Doing business in a foreign country is difficult at the best of times. How you approach the pitfalls of working in a different culture can make or break a new business venture, so advice from people who have successfully negotiated these hurdles is invaluable. Terve Poland! by Anitta Koskio is a new business guidebook on the specifics of doing business in Poland, from the perspective of top executives of Finnish companies already active in the Polish market.

Koskio is an executive coach and cross-cultural trainer who has worked with Finnish and Scandinavian companies in Poland for over 10 years. Terve Poland! draws on her own experience of working with these organizations as well as in-depth interviews with Finnish and Polish top executives who share their experiences and give valuable advice to anybody considering expanding into the Polish market.

Koskio talks to the Voice’s Ewa Hancock.

When was the moment when you decided that with so many experiences about cross-cultural challenges, you should write a book?
It was a year ago that the idea of writing a book came about. It had been lurking in my mind for quite some time but eventually the idea developed into a business guidebook. I always emphasize that it is great wisdom to accept that we are different depending on where we come from. The environment does have an impact on our way of thinking and behaving, which can also be seen in business. The mental distance is usually much longer than what the geography might suggest. And so it is between Finland and Poland too. This book tries to help businesses in the Finnish-Polish axis to achieve success by learning from those who have already experienced the ups and downs on the road—and survived.

Can you tell us something about the title of the book?
Terve is the greeting Finns use when they meet somebody they already know and with whom they have good and relaxed relations. Terve is a very positive and friendly word. It means also “healthy.”
Is this the crowning of your many years of work in Poland, or can we expect another book?

It’s interesting to get feedback from Terve Poland! So far it has been very encouraging. I have to think a bit what should come next, a new book or what!

TERVE POLAND, can be ordered via there is also info about TERVE POLAND! Business community.