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The Polish government may face further complications in the ongoing dispute with the EU, the daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna wrote against the background of the approaching visit of the Council of Europe delegation to Warsaw.
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Mercure - The 6 Friends Theory - Casting call
The Polish Science Voice  
No. 19
The Polish Science Voice

A publication Co-financed by Minister of Science and Higher Education
Bringing science and business together so that both can benefit is like solving an intricate jigsaw puzzle. The Polish Science Voice regularly reports on such efforts. The pieces of this puzzle include the worlds of finance, politics, academia, scientists, students, companies, and entrepreneurs. Piecing all this information together, linking individual units in the right way, and making the whole system work like a well-oiled machine is a major challenge that Poland will have to deal with if it wants to bridge the gap separating it from more developed countries.
As they look for ways to sell their inventions to business, Polish universities are taking part in an international debate on intellectual property and knowledge management.
The Knowledge and Innovation Community is being established as part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Poland has been invited to join the KIC by Germany, the coordinator of the so-called Knowledge Hub dealing with energy issues. The invitation has been extended to Poland through Prof. Jerzy Buzek, who was Polish prime minister 1997-2001 and is now a member of the European Parliament. Buzek attended a meeting in North Rhine-Westphalia that brought together the local authorities, businesses and three universities involved in the project on the German side.
Prof. Barbara Kudrycka, the minister of science and higher education, has unveiled a new reform plan for Poland's university education system called "Partnership for Knowledge."
CambridgePython, a project supported by the University of Cambridge and aimed at stimulating entrepreneurial spirit and innovation among students and young researchers, has taken off in Warsaw.
A policeman wearing a modular bulletproof suit or a "tactical and protective suit" designed for bomb disposal experts looks like a character from a science-fiction film. But this clothing gives the wearer excellent protection.
Diamonds are the hardest minerals found in nature, a property that makes them highly prized in advanced technology applications. A diamond composite and a method for producing it developed by researchers at the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology in Cracow received a gold medal at the 57th Brussels Innova 2008 international exhibition of innovation, research and new technology.
Prof. Ryszard Pregiel, president of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology, a business organization that aims to promote the development of technology and innovation in Poland, talks to Danuta Górecka.
The Brussels Innova international exhibition, which showcases innovation, research and new technology, is one of the world's most prestigious events devoted to technology transfer and technological progress. For years, inventors from Poland have been winning top awards at Brussels, but the most recent fair, held Nov. 13-15 last year, was exceptionally successful for Polish exhibitors.
They can fashion a tongue out of a piece of thigh, a lower jaw out of the calf bone, or a trachea out of arm tissue-surgeons dealing with organ reconstruction are the elite of the medical profession. And the reconstruction of organs destroyed by cancer is a challenge that only the best can meet.
Polish chemists in Cracow and Warsaw are working on a new method to synthesize cyclohexanol, used to produce polyamides. The new technology will be cheaper, safer, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
Researchers from the Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants in the western city of Poznań have developed a fully biodegradable mat that can be used by farmers to prevent the spread of contagious diseases affecting livestock.
The Peleton Plus cardiac rehabilitation system, developed by the ITAM Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment in Zabrze, southern Poland, makes it possible to provide treatment to many patients at the same time. The system, one of the most innovative of its kind in the world, won a gold medal with a special commendation at the Brussels Innova 2008 fair.
A group of archeologists from the University of Warsaw conducting excavations in the ancient city of Ptolemais in Cyrenaica, modern-day Libya, have uncovered figural mosaics from the beginning of the third century AD, the period of the Severan dynasty of Roman emperors (193-235 AD).
The Experimental Medicine Center of the Silesian Medical University in Katowice, southern Poland, has performed the first few operations with the use of the Robin Heart surgery robot, which is being developed by the Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development (FRK) in the southern city of Zabrze. The operations were performed on pigs.
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