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The Polish government may face further complications in the ongoing dispute with the EU, the daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna wrote against the background of the approaching visit of the Council of Europe delegation to Warsaw.
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The Polish Science Voice  
No. 33
The Polish Science Voice

A publication Co-financed by Minister of Science and Higher Education
In his thirst for knowledge, his drive to succeed and his determination to probe the secrets of the cosmos, the special guest of this issue of The Polish Science Voice is strongly reminiscent of the Polish folk hero Jan Twardowski—a legendary figure whose exploits captured the imagination of the great Romantic poet Adam Mickiewicz.
Prof. Zbigniew Szadkowski from the Department of High Energy Astrophysics at the University of ŁódĽ, talks to Danuta Gruszczyńska.
Polish scientists taking part in an international research project for investigating very-high-energy gamma rays have received a prestigious prize from the American Astronomical Society.
A Japanese-Polish team of scientists has determined that most infrared light sources from outside the Milky Way are in fact nearby galaxies, which appear normal under normal light. The surprising activity evidenced by these objects in the infrared spectrum could be explained by collisions with other galaxies.
Biodegradable packaging, an energy-efficient house and a synchronized magnetic engine used to power an electrical car—these innovations won the highest praise from the judges of an innovation contest in the southern city of Katowice, Silesia province
A system for improving hearing in patients with cochlear implants, new environmentally friendly engineering technology, and polymers that shine blue—these are just some of the innovations that were showcased at this year’s Intarg National Fair for Economic and Scientific Innovations in the southern city of Katowice April 23-25.
Blinking is often the last movement left to a paralyzed person. Aleksandra Królak, a researcher at the Technical University of ŁódĽ, has created a computer program that allows paralyzed people to communicate with the world.
Warsaw inventors are working to develop a new kind of vehicle for disabled drivers. The car’s users would be able to wheel themselves into the vehicle and drive it without getting out of their wheelchairs.
Researchers at the Physics Department of the University of Warsaw have devised a new way of encoding and retrieving quantum information using manganese atoms. Their experiment promises to be an important step on the road to building quantum computers with enormous processing power.
A team of researchers led by Prof. Bożena Patkowska-Sokoła at the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences has developed a method to reduce the amount of fat in livestock. This will lead to a better diet and fewer lifestyle diseases in humans, the researchers say.
A secure telephone utilizing Personal Trusted Terminal (PTT) technology was the winning invention in the Polish part of the Pol-Nord Bridge project, a joint initiative by the Warsaw University of Technology and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.
MagicScribeMedical is the first Polish speech recognition system that converts spoken words into text on a computer screen. It is the joint work of scientists from the Wrocław University of Technology and research and development firm Unikkon Integral.
A team of doctors and scientists from the Laser Diagnostics and Therapy Center of the Technical University of ŁódĽ and the city’s Nicolaus Copernicus Hospital have developed a unique method for treating multiple sclerosis using biostimulatory radiation from a helium-neon laser.
A government-sponsored project billed as the Inventors’ Hall of Fame will be launched to honor Poland’s greatest scientists and innovators who have contributed to research and business at home and abroad.
A group of archeologists from the University of Warsaw are investigating a historic building known as the House of Leukaktios in Ptolemais, a coastal city of ancient Cyrenaica that is now part of Libya.
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