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The Warsaw Voice » Polish Science Voice » April 29, 2014
The Polish government may face further complications in the ongoing dispute with the EU, the daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna wrote against the background of the approaching visit of the Council of Europe delegation to Warsaw.
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The Polish Science Voice  
No. 72
The Polish Science Voice

A publication Co-financed by National Center For Research and Development
Over the years we at The Polish Science Voice have become used to journeying into the future and exploring the boundaries of science. Some of the projects we report on are so ambitious that they seem to be science fiction. It turns out, however, that the future is often closer than we think.
Researchers and doctors from the Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development in the southern city of Zabrze have built a range of heart surgery robots collectively known as the Robin Heart. Practical and cost-efficient, these robots can successfully compete with the most modern Intuitive Surgery devices developed in the United States. The prototypes of the Polish robots have proved successful during experimental operations on animals. The Polish project, which began in 2012 and is now at its halfway point, is the most advanced of its kind in Europe.
Polish companies are preparing to launch production of new-generation power cables partly made of graphene, the revolutionary new material that is ultralight, flexible, over 100 times harder than steel and an excellent conductor of electricity.
Polish programmers eclipsed peers from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Iran and Japan in an international programming contest held in the coastal Polish city of Gdynia.
A team of Polish and Australian researchers have pinpointed a mouse gene that can suppress the development of non-melanoma skin cancers.
Bathroom scales that not only show a person’s weight, but also provide information about the content of oxygen in their blood and water content in the body; a bath tub that ensures a safe bath; a bedspread that monitors your heart rate during sleep—all these devices have been developed by researchers from the Gdańsk University of Technology in northern Poland as part of a research program called Domestic. The devices form a system that is designed to be a home assistant for the elderly and sick.
Poland’s National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ), in conjunction with the Municipal Water and Sewerage Company (MPWiK) in Warsaw, is working to design, build and test a new system for monitoring tap water for radioactive contamination. The project is called TAp WAter RAdioactivity Real Time Monitor (TaWaRa RTM) and has a budget of 3.6 million euros.
Poland’s most modern laboratory for preclinical studies of radiopharmaceuticals has opened at the National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) in ¦wierk near Warsaw. The zl.2.5 million lab will increase the center’s research potential, in particular speed up work on new radiopharmaceuticals used in cancer treatment.
Shorter check-in times at the airport, smaller lines before a sports game or a music concert—scientists from the ŁódĽ University of Technology in central Poland are working on a gate that would make it possible to check the identity of several people at the same time. No one has ever developed anything like this internationally.
Polish scientists have come up with a new kind of meat product with reduced allergenicity and increased selenium and polyunsaturated fatty acid content. The new products have won a swathe of international awards.
Sectors as different as heavy industry, copper production, railways and defense have one thing in common: they are all in need of breakthrough inventions and new technologies, said scientists, industry professionals, politicians and financiers gathered at the 2nd Research and Innovation Convention in Warsaw.
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