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date:Sunday, 30 September 2012
category:modern music, concert, cultural event, clubbing


"This year Alla Vienna and Vivid Singers plays Queen music symphonic. Concerts will be at: Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Torun, Wroclaw, Zabrze and Lodz.

Polish Queen Fanclub is the media sponsor for the concerts.

Information from the organizers:
No Singer in the world could ever replace Freddie Mercury, however 19 choir members and a great actor may give a try.

"Symphonic Queen" by Alla Vienna Orchester and Vivid Singers Choir is a unique cross-genre project, unifying the symphonic element of Queen's music with the rock potential of a salon orchestra and a majestic choir. It is also bound to be an artistic homage to Freddie Mercury, whose 20th anniversary of his death we were commemorating on the 24th November 2011.

The first part of the concert will present the Queen's most diverse repertoire - starting with first records from the 70s up until the middle 90s ("Let Me Live"). These will be first-night arrangements, written for the purpose by Jan Niedzwiecki, the leader of the Alla Vienna Ensemble, also a bass player in the Lodz Philharmonic. The whole part will be accompanied by smooth lighting and classical sound system.

The second part will turn the show into a real rock concert. Queen's greatest hits will be performed at its roots - as rock songs. The ensemble will however stay on the stage, changing the double bass to an electrical bass guitar. The sound will become dynamic and the lighting colourful. The full "Bohemian Rhapsody" will be performed live - which did not even occur during real Queen's concerts, where the opera part was always played back from a tape. At the very end "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions" will be sung by an actor performing as Freddie Mercury."

source of the material:
Brian May

Program of the event

More information, video, tickets: http://allavienna.pl/queen//en/oprojekcie.htm
Tickets on: www.ticketpro.pl
Polish Queen Fanclub: http://fanklub.queen.pl


80PLN /90 PLN - presale
100 PLN - regular price

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